Limestrong is a Pozzolan + Lime Plaster Product


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Our simple formulation of water + lime + pumice pozzolan not only out-performs modern plaster equivalents, it stands as an environmentally sound alternative to synthetic stucco and other Portland cement-based products.

Green, Economical, and Effective

There are a lot of factors to consider when building a home or a place of business. Cost and performance are two of the largest, and, for many, environmental impact also factors into the prime equation. LimeStrong plaster is a wall-finishing product that delivers all of that.

GREEN CRED: The topic of “building green” is truly evergreen—that’s because building green makes sense. Conserving resources and using sustainable materials makes sense. Designing a structure to save money on heating and cooling costs makes sense. Avoiding VOCs and other material-based problems affecting the livability of the finished building makes sense. And that's why a LimeStrong plaster finish, inside and out, makes sense.

ECONOMICAL WALL FINISH: In terms of both material and installation costs, LimeStrong is a cost-attractive choice. LimeStrong is simple to formulate and uses abundant and readily available materials (no Portland cement). A small installation crew can easily manage LimeStrong’s application-and-curing timetable. A variety of fascinating finish textures are possible. Colors are integral to the permanent finish wash; not painted on. A LimeStrong finish is compatible with standard building materials and with alternative options, such as straw bale construction.

EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE: All the above only matters if the finish both protects and endures. We confidently tout LimeStrong’s performance characteristics—autogenous healing, flexibility, breathability, strength, durability—but the convincing proof comes from centuries of use and on-wall performance evidence. Applied and cured correctly, a LimeStrong finish will last and last and last. Beautifully.

Developed by an Expert in Old-World Plaster Finishes

LimeStrong Build plaster is the result of a partnership between the world-renowned natural plaster expert, Stan Petersen, and Hess Pumice, the source of key components in the LimeStrong natural plaster formulation: pumice pozzolan and lightweight pumice aggregate. We took Stan’s go-to lime pozzolan plaster formulas and put them in a bag—effectively putting the strength, durability and beauty available to old-world masters in the capable hands of today’s plasterers.


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Limestrong is a product of Hess Pumice

Brian K. Jeppsen, VP - R&D
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